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-Create more innovative solutions by controlling your stress responses, in the moment

-Decrease conflict by learning how to spot fear reactions in others and yourself

-Stop feeling creatively constipated and come up with better ideas, quicker

-Increase the number of high fives you get by learning science based strategies for making better decisions under pressure.

-Come up with more ideas that your team and leaders will love


A hands on, active engagement session that will use proven methodologies for breaking through everyday fears like rapid prototyping and LEGO Serious Play. Fear mastery tools will be achieved through the Fear Forward method for quick and easy application of science based strategies. Minimum 2 hours. On/offsite.



An immersive experience that blends entertainment & deep engagement as you learn and practice fear mastery through the Fear Forward Method. Salons are generally done off site to help attendees quickly get out of their comfort zone and into innovation mode. They're perfect for team building and bonding. This is a deeply interactive, multi-sensory experience where attendees will be entertained as much as they are educated. Minimum 2 hours, although 4 hours is recommended.


Live talks are a great option if you only have an hour or less. Live talks will briefly go over the key components of the Fear Forward Method and how you could apply them on your own, immediately! For a full list of expert talks available, click here
Minimum time: 20 minutes.

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