Creative Solutions


What if you could bring a fully digital experience to your organization that would get everyone in the group actually excited to be interacting with one another?

Help your team navigate through the difficulty of our new normal with immersive skill building that will prepare them to return to high productivity with stronger resilience so everyone can get to creative solutions, faster. 


Originally designed for and delivered to The Walton Family's Blake St. House members in order to help them navigate through the early weeks of quarantine. These virtual, live immersive workshops are now available for groups and organizations to book as a single stand alone experience or in a series.


Defy: Saying no to your base instincts and reacting with wisdom


Lead: Using struggle to foster team cohesion


Kindle: How to find the creative spark during difficult times


Pivot: Embracing change as opportunity


Bounce: Modern resilience within the confines of a primal brain


Click: Solution building with LEGO Serious Play (factory sealed brick sets will be mailed to each attendee)

Want to learn more? Schedule a 15 minute discovery call via Calendly now or email


Every event is strategically designed to foster deeper connection & maximize time investment by incorporating adaptive problem solving with a multidisciplinary approach from my two decades in the sciences.


Your event will be uniquely crafted for your most urgent needs with just the right combination of research based scientific strategies, design thinking, LEGO Serious Play organizational psychology methodologies, and entertainment.


Los Angeles | San Jose | London 

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