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Speaking Topics

Brave Not Fearless
Emotional Intelligence for Courageous Leaders & Teams

Want to increase creativity, decrease stress and generate more innovative solutions? Then you need an evidence-based framework to provide strategies and understanding so you can move from reactive fear to courageous exploration.  One of the traits that separates incredibly high performing leaders like Pixar’s Ed Catmull and Virgin’s Richard Branson from everyone else is their constant and blatant use of the F word: Fear. It’s one of our most basic human emotions and keeps us safe, but can really get in the way of our goals and desires. When we’re in the throes of even a mild fear response, the intellectual part of our brain where all our brilliant thoughts and ideas come from shuts down as we go into survival mode. Learn how to short circuit this response from the everyday stressors of life to cultivate a personal and organizational culture that supports a healthy relationship with fear for success.


  • Experience an intimate and holistic exploration of our most shared common fears that will build community & personal resilience

  • Implement science based strategies to increase creativity & strength during high-pressure decision-making 

  • Learn the truth about stress and how your brain works in fear to help improve your responses

  • Pull back the veil on the toxic messaging of fearlessness 

  • Move from inspiration to action with easy to remember, science-based tools and strategies for moving through everyday fear faster. 

Build Your Better
FutureShift Your Clarity & Vision For What's Next

How is your organization addressing the post-pandemic problem: Who do we want to be and what should that look like?

We get the future we design and a lack of clarity and vision for the future comes at a massive cost to diversity & inclusion, innovation, morale, and ultimately leads to dysfunctional teams and lost talent. Designing new solutions to complex problems while increasing effective communication and collaboration must be done in order to maximize on this unique time.  

  • Identify and breakthrough your most urgent, success blocking challenges.

  • Invoke the power of play to get to A-Ha moments quicker.

  • Gain clarity and vision for the best next step that allows every attendee to feel seen and heard, resulting in a dramatic increase in buy-in

  • Build deeper, authentic connections among team members

  • Learn how to solve problems and collaborate better with LEGO Serious Play


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