Selected published works
 Single Author Book
Write, Present, Create: Science Communication for Undergraduates

An introduction to communicating in the sciences for undergraduate non-majors. Published by Cognella Academic Publishing (2015).

 Printed Magazine article 
My Liberation Through Science

A working life article in the printed magazine edition of Science. 

02 Jan 2015
Vol. 347, Issue 6217, pp. 98
DOI: 10.1126/science.347.6217.98

Multi-author book 
Chapter 0

Concept and writing of the first chapter to Wiley's Visualizing Human Biology by lead author Kathleen Ireland covered study skills, learning methodology and how to succeed in the university environment

Guest blog article 
Mary Poffenroth Union of Concerned Scientists
Want to Make More Money? Start Rewriting Your Story

The science of fear and story surrounding our money anxiety‚Äč

May 2018

Los Angeles | San Jose | London 

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