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Write, Present, Create: Science Communication for Undergraduates 

I wrote this book  because there was a need for it. No where out in the world, that I could find, was a science communication book just for non-major undergrads. The closest book was written for students who were preparing for a career in the sciences and was around $80 per book. Even though I used it in my classes at first, I knew there had to be a better way. So I created one. 


I fought hard for 3 things in the development stages: That the price be at least 50% lower than the market competitors, it be made available in print and digital, and I retain the web rights so I could create and share free resources.


Of course I use this book in my classes, I wrote it for my students! But I value transparency. Although this book is a highly suggested resource in my own classes, I offer free copies to registered students through our campus library so no student is required to purchase. All personal proceeds fund new, open-source science communication projects so I can continue my personal mission of Science for All. 


Here are a few recent open source, free to the public projects in addition to this ever-growing website that my portion of the sales has made possible. In case there are any future authors out there, I have an industry standard contract with my publisher which means I receive 15% of only first time sale books and the remainder goes to Cognella, the publisher, and the book retailer.

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