GLST 1B - Global Studies 1B

Global Studies Through a Life Science Lens: GE Area B2

San Jose State University

An Asynchronous, No Zoom Online Course


Ins. Mary Poffenroth (She/Her)

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Welcome to Spring 2022!

Even though the semester doesn't officially start until January 26, 2022, please begin by downloading our Spring 22 Syllabus Here


Do You Need a Textbook?

Great question that you will love the answer to, which is no. I deeply understand the struggle of having to pay for costly textbooks on top of everything else, so I have designed all my courses to be free of traditional textbook costs.


Can You Access Canvas?

Make sure you can get into Canvas now. If you can't access, please contact eCampus immediately. Canvas will be the foundation of everything we do and you will need to access it many times throughout each week. More about Canvas can be found at


Do You Have All The Resources You Need?

SJSU has iPads, Laptops, and other tech items for you to check out at but what about all the other needs of life? From Apples (food pantry) to Zoology (research opportunities in STEM), SJSU has you covered! Please check out all the ways SJSU can connect and support you in this handout created by the Bio Dept. HERE.


Sign Into Canvas on Day 1

Make sure you have your notifications turned on. On the first day of our term, you will see our course. Canvas is where all our class info, lectures, updates & announcements will be posted. I will be checking in with you again on our first official day of class!