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Empowering Teams & Leaders to Tap Into

Instinctive Innovation

...through the power of science & play

STEM Faculty | BioPsychologist

Speaker | Writer | Workshop Facilitator

About Me

I feel most alive when in front of an audience, personally connecting to people who need a little support to think differently and create deeply innovative solutions through the power of science and play.

It’s been over 20 years since I first began my science career at NASA, spending the last 13 as STEM faculty for San Jose State University. With innovation and engagement my top priorities, I’ve been able to bring science out of the academy and into the hands of people across the world ready to use evidence based knowledge to transform their lives through keynote talks and immersive live workshops. 

I have personally taught nearly 20,000 adults in person + online since 2007 and am the author of Write Present Create: Science Communication for Undergraduates. Some of my proudest accomplishments include being a first generation college student that would go on to become a Salzburg Global Fellow, being able to graduate from Imperial College London to round out my three masters degrees (biology, psychology, science communications) and eventually speak on the same stage as my heroes Michelle Obama and Brene Brown.


My current research focuses on the intersection of emotional intelligence and innovation for personal/organizational growth. 


My Why

My goal in every endeavor is to increase knowledge and decrease suffering for others through science and the power of play. 

About Me
Mary Poffenroth Speaking At TEDx
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