Welcome to Foothill's Bio 10 Spring 2020

Greetings & Welcome to Bio 10 @ Foothill College. Start by watching the video above

This Course Has an Online asynchronous Lecture AND an Online Synchronous Lab: Saturdays, 9:00am–11:50am

We will have weekly video updates posted to your announcements in Canvas, which are part of the required weekly work of the course. Biology 10 is a hybrid course. That means 100% of the lecture is Online (but is not self-paced. i.e. you will have weekly deadlines) and 100% of the lab is live, in real time, via Zoom.


This Course Will Be Using Canvas 

We will be using Canvas as our learning management system. Since Canvas has only been recently adopted by Foothill, you may not be familiar with this system. If you are new to using Canvas please take some time before the class begins to familiarize yourself here: https://foothillcollege.instructure.com/courses/62  - once you are familiar with Canvas please make sure you can sign in now and sign in again on the first day of class.

You will not see our course until the first official day of classes, Monday April 13


Sign in at https://foothillcollege.instructure.com/  - if you have any enrollment issues for Canvas please contact https://foothill.edu/onlinelearning/canvas-info/ 


Next, read our SPRING 2020 Syllabus HERE This is the contract between you and I as we make our way through the quarter together. I will do everything in my power to make you successful, but it is you who must put in the hard work and focus. I love online learning and have been teaching online courses since 2008. It has many wonderful perks, like not having to park on campus and watching lectures in your pajamas! However, it has some pitfalls, including the need for you to be self-sufficient and keep active in the course. Time management and organizational skills are essential for the online student.

Lastly, sometimes the Foothill webmail can be a little unreliable so please feel free to email me at my personal email mpoffenroth@gmail.com anytime. When you email, make sure to always be professional and properly address each email with my name (I prefer Instructor Poffenroth), your name, which class you are in and what it is I can assist you with.


Biology 10 will have lots of assignments to keep you engaged each and every week with readings, videos, discussions, and activities. Please note there are no late assignments or makeup work allowed (since you always have at least a week to submit anytime), so it is important you get the assignments submitted before their weekly deadlines. I look forward to a great quarter together! 

On our first official day, you will receive an update video explaining what needs to be done in Canvas and showing you around the course. Until then, make sure you have access to Canvas, get notified of announcements as soon as they go live (that is in your preferences) and have read through the syllabus. You must also attend lab, in person, during the first week of classes based upon your registered section. Failure to submit the first week's work and/or not show up to lab will result in you being dropped from the course and your seat given to the next student on the waitlist. If you have any questions, absolutely reach out! 




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