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Module 2: Human Population & Endangered Species: Initial Post by Weds & Final Post by Friday (15 points)

It is best for you to post your initial post by Wednesday and your final responses no later than the deadline. This is optional, but it helps the entire class if you are proactive on submitting your posts so that others can have time to respond.

Discussion Prompt:

Does human population size have an impact on non-human species? If so, how? To address this discussion board, first find and summarize in your first video one reputable article that discusses the presence or absence of a connection between human population and non-human species decline. Discuss this article and what makes it a "reputable" article. You must find this article on your own using your well-honed research skills. Need some more support on researching reputable articles? Check out

Once you have summarized your article for the class in your initial post, then respond in a substantive way to two other student's posts in video format. Did they adequately summarize their article and discuss their findings? Do they match or differ from your own?


Your original/first post must be a minimum of a minimum of 45 seconds and a maximum of 3 minutes. Your response videos must be at least 30 seconds each per student for credit and should be a meaningful response that demonstrates that you watched their video and have thought about how you will articulate a response. It goes above and beyond, “Good job” and “I agree”. .

Videos must show your face and be in your own voice – just as you would if you were in a physical class chatting with other students. The videos on FlipGrid can’t be shared and stay only in our private group – so don’t worry about the videos you post and share in FlipGrid leaving our classroom.

All should be well thought out, and always use professional, kind language. This is an opportunity to converse academically on some of the topics brought about in this assignment. It is not an opportunity to use abusive language or personal attacks of any kind. No exceptions.

You must do one initial post video in response to the above prompt and at least 2 video response posts in order to receive full credit.

Success Criteria (Grading Rubric):

A successful submission of your videos where we can see and hear you looks like this:

  1. You have recorded and uploaded a short video (a minimum of 45 seconds and a maximum of 3 minutes please) responding to the prompt above – this is considered your initial post. This video doesn’t need to be fancy, we just need to see and hear you. If you have any questions or concerns about creating or sharing a video, please reach out to me and let’s work together towards success. (5 points)

  2. You have logged back in and replied in video form to two additional students in a substantive way after watching their videos. We must be able to see and hear you in each of these response posts. (5 points each, for a total of 10 points).

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