Neurohacking Everyday Fear

Week 4

What do you do in fear?

Now, I want you to think about what you usually do when fear starts to take over.


Most of us probably have a pretty similar reaction, and in fact, one study found that students had one of four strategies to manage the discomfort that comes along with the fear of failure. Now, this study specifically looked at the students' fear of failure, not actual failure. Students either coped with this discomfort by putting it off 'til later, slightly moving away by scaling back, ignoring it completely, or refraining.


Which one is your favorite go-to?


For me, ooh, I am an avoider at heart, I will avoid, and ignore, and pretend it is not even there until I have absolutely no choice left but to face it. The problem is, just because I avoid it, doesn't make it disappear.


Take a few moments now and examine what your usual go-to behavior is when you're faced with a big project, or a looming deadline. Perhaps you have more than one go-to behavior depending on how big the fear trigger is.


Give it some thought and write down your answers in the workbook or your journal, before heading into the next video.

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