Neurohacking Everyday Fear

Week 10

Risk & Failure

What's the story you've been carrying around about your ability to take risks and fail?


Fear-based decisions do not give you the best outcomes. When we make choices in fear, we generally end up with outcomes that make us even more unhappy and unsatisfied.


I want you to take a few moments and think back upon your career. When was a time when you can distinctly remember making a choice out of fear? Either you were too quick to choose because you were afraid of losing out or perhaps you were too slow to choose, and the opportunity slipped through your fingers and it went to someone else.


Once you find your story where you can distinctly remember either playing small, not taking risks, or being paralyzed into non-action by fear, I want you to write it out, the entire thing.


A story has a beginning, a middle and an end. And I want you to talk about and list who are the characters? What was the challenge? What was at stake? What went right? What went terribly wrong? And what were the consequences of your decision? And most importantly, I want you to know and think about what you would do differently.


After you have jotted down all these ideas, and have a relatively coherent story going, reread it and see if the underlying fear bubbles up to the surface.


If it doesn't right away, don't worry, just set it down and allow your mind to think on it a bit. If you're like me, when I can't think of something, I just need to walk away for a while and figure it out. And then it pops in my head when I am driving, or I'm in the shower.


By the way, if you have all your best ideas in the shower, I highly encourage you to get a waterproof pen, and waterproof paper. It's great and they make it. And I really started using it when I was doing my fieldwork because it rains when you're watching animals in the wilderness.


Getting clear on where your fear stories have been and where you want them to go is going to be essential for harnessing their power.

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