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Leaders Use The F Word

Fear Fighting Strategies for Teams & Organizations





One of the traits that separates incredibly high performing leaders like Pixar’s Ed Catmull and Virgin’s Richard Branson from everyone else is their constant and blatant use of the F word: Fear. It’s one of our most basic human emotions and keeps us safe, but can really get in the way of our goals and desires. When we’re in the throes of even a mild fear response, the intellectual part of our brain where all our brilliant thoughts and ideas come from shuts down as we go into survival mode. Join Mary Poffenroth, university lecturer and fear scientist, as she shares her neuro-driven strategies and latest research on how the world’s most visionary leaders cultivate a personal and organizational culture that supports a healthy relationship with fear for success. Want to increase creativity, decrease stress and generate more innovative solutions? Then you need an evidence-based framework to provide strategies and understanding so you can move from reactive fear to courageous exploration. 


In each transformative session you will: 


  • Experience an intimate and holistic exploration of our most shared common fears that will build community & personal resilience

  • Implement science based strategies to increase creativity & strength during high-pressure decision-making 

  • Learn the truth about stress and how your brain works in fear to help improve your responses

  • Identify and breakthrough your most urgent, success blocking personal fear story and how to help your team do the same 

The Myth of Fearlessness


Fear is the root of many of our world’s problems. Fear of scarcity leads to over consumption of resources. Fear of failure stops us from taking risks and creating new solutions. Fear leads to political instability and violence. If we can learn to better understand our fear, we can use it to our advantage instead of letting it control our lives and express itself in harmful ways. 


Unfortunately, most of us are not given the tools we need to live better lives with this very human part of us. Instead, we are simply told to be fearless at university, in business, and in life. However, given our evolutionary adaptations for survival this is nearly impossible.  Fear can be debilitating, but it can also be harnessed as a tool for success. Bringing together her work in human biology, psychology, and communication, university biology lecturer and fear researcher Mary Poffenroth shows us how we can learn to make friends with our everyday, non-clinical fears and start using them to our advantage. 



Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the science of fear and it’s role in human survival and success

  • Discover how to categorize your fear for faster release

  • Pull back the veil on the toxic messaging of fearlessness 

  • Learn and practice easy to remember, science-based tools and strategies for moving through everyday fear quicker and with more ease. 

Neurohacking Fear & Creativity





Have you ever found yourself speechless in the heat of an important moment? Pressure from high stakes, adapting to change, or conflict can leave us frozen and wanting to run away instead of coming up with that perfect solution.


Do the most dazzling responses effortlessly pop into your head hours after that pivotal moment has passed? If so, you can blame fear. Fear, one of our most basic human emotions, keeps us safe but it can also really get in the way of our success.


Move from inspiration to action by joining Mary Poffenroth on a narrative driven journey as she shares her neuro-driven, action based strategies for moving through fear, in the moment, so you can get to those creative, strategic decisions faster and with more precision.


  • Triumph over the most common fears with simple, science backed strategies that are designed to be done in the moment to neurohack your natural fear responses.

  • Identify and breakthrough your most urgent, success blocking personal fear story.

  • Invoke the power of play to get to A-Ha moments quicker.

Leaders F Word
Myth of Fearlessness
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