Engaging, Relevant & Personalized Immersive Development Experiences

What if you could bring an experience to your organization that would get everyone in the group actually excited to be interacting with one another?

I work with organizations who are passionate about making

innovation more than just a buzz word.


If you’re ready to use science and the power of play to strengthen communication, relationship building, leader/personal development and collaboration skills in your organization, choose your desire below.

Every event is strategically designed to foster deeper connection & maximize time investment by incorporating adaptive problem solving with a multidisciplinary approach from my two decades in the sciences.


Your event will be uniquely crafted for your most urgent needs with just the right combination of research based scientific strategies, design thinking, LEGO Serious Play organizational psychology methodologies, and entertainment.


The Culture Catalyst

Vibrant cultures across multiple generations don’t just happen over

beer & pizza

I would recommend The Culture Catalyst pathway which helps teams:


  • Navigate complex and multifaceted topics in a constructive atmosphere

  • Build deeper connection and empathy across silos

  • Shift perceptions

  • Support on-boarding and seasons of change

  • Create a level playing field for discussions

  • Diagnose common team dysfunctions and discuss in a playful, non-threatening way

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I would recommend The Idea Incubator pathway which helps teams:


  • Shift current thinking to gain new insights & fresh perspectives

  • Clarify the abstract and simplify the complex

  • Analyze issues and rapid prototype solutions

  • Build on the collective inspiration of the group

  • Craft strategies for specific goals, concepts or projects

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Idea Incubator

New ideas need new ways of thinking


Choose Your Format

1 to 5 Hour Run Time


Virtual or Live

Informally styled workshops, with a heavier focus on entertainment & social connection but still carry a strong subset of the core learning objectives

3 to 7 Hour Run Time

On Site


Hyper-focused on core learning & engagement objectives, while still being immersive & entertaining

3 to 7 Hour Run Time

Off Site


Best of both Salon & On-Site Intensives. Deep learning is combined with immersive experiences to create lasting team bonding & lots of A-Ha moments.

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