Conflict Handled Well

When conflict is handled well, it can lead to a lightning fast increase in trust and connection. Trust is an absolute essential for any successful team and during a crisis, trust is won or lost starting with the leaders. 

Leaders that can connect the dots between strategy and purpose bolstered by authentic messaging from big to small, instill powerful feelings of trust in any team.

People will remember not just what you did, but also who you were in any crisis. We don't have to have it all figured out right now to be able to lead with strength and authenticity, but the way you communicate to a few people, in their essence, must be the same when you speak to everyone. 

When there is a disconnect between what you truly believe and what you say to others, everyone knows it. They may not know exactly why they know something is off, but they can feel it thanks to mirror neurons.

Mirror neurons are specialized brain cells that help us understand intention in another person, both the what and the why. It’s also part of what makes fear and stress contagious.

The What is the action being done and the why is the intention &  motivations behind the what.

Mirror neurons are working constantly and can help explain our aversion to untruths and deception. In times of crisis, everyone’s brain is being hyper vigilant in looking for any sign of danger.

Inauthentic messaging to your team will quickly result in lack of trust and demotivation, which will be hard to get back once the dust settles.

Great leaders are the north star for their teams, helping to guide them to a better tomorrow. Whether in calm or rocky times, leaders are leaders because they help transport people emotionally and sometimes literally from one place to another.

Powerful leaders not only get their people from vision to reality, but they also instill hope that they all can indeed reach that destination.


Letting your team know they aren’t alone in their suffering and empowering them to help others will create a resilient culture now and into our post-crisis future.

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