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A Real Scientist That's Fun & Relatable

They exist, promise! I happen to be one of them. I distill complex content into a delicious cocktail of knowledge, inspiration, and action. I believe in both the power of science & play to foster innovation and fight burnout. Drawing upon my twenty years of experience in the sciences, I steep all my events in evidence based strategies that matter to your daily life.


Delivering Actionable Tools & Takeaways Rooted in Scientific Research

There are a lot of motivational speakers out there, but not many have the background or education to provide the level of evidence based research needed for today's hyper-discerning audience.  


More Than Just a Talk, An Experience

Through my work as a university professor and science communicator, I make it a priority to deliver memorable experiences driven by story & connection at each and every event. 


Unique & Customized 

Audiences want a unique experience where they can feel understood and seen. I tailor all my events to meet you where you and your community are at, with content and stories that truly matter to you. 


Authentic, Honest, & Intimate Storytelling

We learn best through story, especially when those stories are told by those who lived them. I share relevant and timely stories from my own adventures to bring my content to life & connect to listeners. 

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Mary Poffenroth, MSc

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